Budapest Street Style at The Liberty Bridge (Szabadság híd)

Budapest Street Style  x Liberty Bridge


The Liberty Bridge (Szabadság híd) was opened for the Millennial celebrations of 1896; the last silver rivet on the Pest abutment was inserted into the iron structure by Emperor Franz Jospeh himself. This is commemorated by a plaque at the abutment in question. The bridge was built between 1894 and1896 and spans 333.6 metres. It connects the two banks of Danube between the Corvinus University of Budapest in Pest and the Budapest University of Technology and Economics in Buda. It would remain standing even with the middle section removed. Szabadság Bridge was the first bridge rebuilt after WW2, it was reopened to traffic in 1946.

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As usually at the end of the weekend i always wanted to walking around budapest and this sunday i went to liberty bridge that connecting buda and pest, this bridge will be closed on June 17-18, June 24-25, August 5-6 and August 12-13,between 4 a.m. on Saturday and midnight on Sunday on the aforementioned weekends, Szalay-Bobrovniczky noted and it calls “Kell két nap szalabi” in hungarian and  Everyone gathered on this bridge to enjoy their day-themed family and friends, so i looked for fashion people here 🙂 meet new people and talk to stranger is fun ..and it’s time to hunting fashion people  there 🙂 here the look below :

boys will be always be boys

this leather jacket make her look cool with those earings


 meet the yoga master , the waist  his necklace make him gergeous with that army color


This style look good on his age  and cute little clutch so adorable with his t-shirt matched  vans shoe

short jeans and sock matched

this vintage leather catch my eyes & gladiator sandal too

my our friend Rikov with his classic style

Man of the beard and cool sock was really good with the jacket





Hippie Girl from east


 as we know it seems everybody loves vans shoes here 🙂

thanks for visit

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