What do you think first about a shirt ?

You must think about the man who dress up neatly, handsome, and the perfect size of the shirt will make their body look very dashing, cool isn’t it? But today i will use oversize shirts and i like it.


I’m sure on a very hot day you all do not want to be too problematic with sweat and sun, as well as I .. Walking the path in the park while buying ice cream is a necessity for me on weekends with very sunny weather,and I do not want Overheating and sweating too much.

so I finally picked an oversize shirt that would give me more fresh air to my body to refresh myself from sweat and believe me it really felt very comfortable then I mixed it with shorts with black shoes and do not forget your sunglasses, and I am ready to go walking trough under the sun , enjoy my lovely day with clothes that feel comfortable .




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